Histories of F W Cox, Wives and Children

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Frederick Walter Cox history
F. W. Cox Family missionary letters

Early Pioneer Life in Manti as lived and told by the children of Frederick Walter Cox

  1. Prologue
  2. Getting There
  3. Fort Manti
  4. Mission
  5. Pioneer Skills
  6. The Big House
  7. Epilogue

A History of Frederick Walter Cox by Farrin and Enola Johnson Mangelson

  1. Prelude
  2. Burned Out
  3. Going West
  4. Richardsons
  5. Farewell and Farewell
  6. Last Years
A Home at Last, the Big House by Lois Brown
The Old Cox Home, or the Big House by Norma Wanlass Painting ; 1907 ; Picture
Cathy Whitaker's blog on the Big House, with pictures and descriptions.
Silkworm culture - part of the families clothing efforts.

F W Cox house for sale

A nice oval grouping of Pictures of F W Cox, four wives and many of his children.

5 Frederick Walter Cox P ; Family reunion and Family with spouses
+ Emeline Whiting Cox P ; and Emeline children
   6 Frederick Walter Cox, Jr. Family ; Reunion and Emeline children
   + L. Alvira Coolidge Cox
      7 Frederick Walter Cox III /Maria Stevens Family 3,4,5
          8 Deborah Cox /George A Huntsman ; P ; P
            9 Cleon Huntsman /Eva Howard
               10 Howard Huntsman /Evelyn Peacock
            9 Naone Huntsman /Paul Fletcher
         8 Frederick Leslie Cox P ; Wife ; with Wife ; Family older ; Young family
            9 Velma Cox
               10 Michael Petersen/Geraldine
               10 Donald Petersen /Colleen
               10 Kent Petersen/Janet
            9 F H “Ted” Cox P
               10 Ted G Cox
                  11 Hannah Cox /Frank Peralta
                  11 Caleb Cox /Jennifer
         8 Lloyd G Cox /Mildred Johnson
      7 Marion Alonzo Cox P
         8 Leona M Cox/Elias Erickson
            9 E Dee Erickson /Vera Anderson
         8 Grace Cox/William Stokes
            9 Marion Stokes /James Jensen
      7 Arthur Cox
         8 Arthur Ludene Cox/Theo Hitchcock
            9 Ila M Cox/Rulon Blackburn
               10 Helen Blackburn/Darrell F Price
            9 Glenna Cox 1924 / Owen Price
               10 Pat Price /Wick Huntington
         8 Della Cox/Jared Taylor
            9 Dean Taylor /Bernice Mackay
            9 Jack Taylor /Janet Willberg
            9 Geary Taylor /Linda Hayes
         8 Elmer Cox/Alta Day
            9 Neldon Cox /Claudia Justesen
   6 Louisa Jane Cox     (died young)
   6 William Arthur Cox Great story P ; Family 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ; 6 ; Reunion and Emeline children
   6 Eliza E. Cox     (died young)
   6 Rosalia Ellen Cox Driggs Reunion and Emeline children
   6 Edwin Marion Cox Reunion and Emeline children
      7 Donald T. Cox
         8 Gary D Cox /Della Draper
         8 Calvin Cox /Joann Peacock
            9 Melody Cox /Kelly Kimber
      7 R Ward Cox Kenna Robertson
         8 Wilford W Cox
         8 Robert J Cox /Tracey
   6 Edward W. Cox     (died young)
   6 Emily Amelia Cox Tuttle Reunion and Emeline children
5 Luther T Tuttle
   6 Harriet Lenora Cox Reid Reunion and Emeline children
   6 Sylvester Hulet Cox P ; Family, 2,3,6,7,8 ; 2 ; 3 ; 6 ; 7 ; 8 ; Reunion and Emeline children
      7 Emeline Cox / Alma Gardner "Gard" Jewkes Family
         8 Mary Jewkes / Forrest Peterson
         8 Leonard K Jewkes / Dora Peterson
      7 John Bernard Cox Family
         8 Mostyn J Cox/ Lila M Green
      7 Hallie Mostyn Cox / Lucille Family
         8 Marilyn Cox/Scott Fugate
   6 Lucia Isabell Cox Tuttle Reunion and Emeline children
   6 Luella Adelia Cox     (died young)

+Jemima Losee Cox
   6 M. Adelaide Cox Reid /William T Reid Reunion
      7 Edgar Thomas Reid /Ida Farnsworth
   6 Byron Cox Reunion
   6 Ester Phelena Cox Snow Reunion
   6 Abraham Losee Cox     (died young)
   6 Elvira Jemima Cox Alder Reunion
   6 Carmelia Cox     (died young)
   6 Sarah Eleanor Cox PeacockThree stories. Reunion
      7 Ed Lynn Peacock
   6 Jemima Cox     (died young)
   6 Alice Cox Tenent Reunion

5 Isaac Morley
+Cordelia Morley Cox written by J C Moffitt Reunion
   Writings of Cordelia Morley Cox by Cordelia
   6 Lovina Emily Cox Van Buren Reunion
   6 Therissa Emerett Cox Clark P ; Reunion
   6 Sarah Ann Cox Anderson Reunion
   + Fredrick Wilhelm Andersen
   6 Francis Morley Cox Reunion
   6 Isaac Cox     (died young)
   6 Calista Cordalia Cox Crawford
   6 Arletta Maria Cox Tuttle Reunion
   6 Evelyn Amelia Cox Moffitt Reunion
      7 J. C. Moffitt

+Lydia Margaret Losee Cox Reunion
   6 Samuel Cox     (died young)
   6 Charles Adelbert Cox Reunion
   6 Amanda Cox Tuttle No children (?) Reunion

+Mary Ann Darrow / Edmund Richardson (Another story is in with F W Cox, at top)
   6 Charles Edmund Richardson
   +Daisie Stout Richardson
   6 Sullivan C Richardson many stories, spiritual and historical

5 Sophia Klaun Peterson Smith
Emma Sophia Peterson Cox
   6 Peter Cox     (died young)
   6 Lucinda Belle Cox Reunion
   6 Walter Cox
   6 May Elizabeth Cox
   6 Olevaette Cox

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