By Ira A. Cox with additions by other cousins

Tune: Yankee Doodle

We meet today to celebrate In honor of the Coxes,
Who helped to make this country great By being born in flockses.


Coxes glorify our name
Let it never shame us
Everyone get in the game
And help to make us famous.
The Coxes started long ago Somewhere across the ocean
And now they gather here to crow And show their sires devotion.
When all the Coxes come to town You think it is a nation
I never knew the world could hold So goldarned much relation.
Grandfather Cox he crossed the plains And drove a yoke of oxes
He brought a wagon load of brains To give to future Coxes.
The Coxes learned arithmetic Without a bit of trying
At adding they are very quick But quicker multiplying.
Our early sires were strong and tough And fought the British taxes
They never cut their whiskers off Because they broke their axes.
Grandfather Cox he took some Wives And then he took another
So we've been puzzled all our lives To know which was our mother.
Our chances would be very small T'would be a lot of bother
To get on this old world at all If we had no Grandfather.
The Coxes grow so very tall That some of them are taller
Than others who are not so small As others who are smaller.
The early Coxes loved the farm And raising pigs and chickens
But such a life has lost its charm For some who raise the dickens.
The Coxes do a lot of things That show they're blessed with talents
They have to tie their shoes with strings To keep their heads in balance.
Grandfather Cox's family tree Has got so many branches
The posts in it enough would be To fence a thousand ranches.
The Coxes word is like a crust When some bird tries to take it
We guarantee it not to bust And shame on those who break it.
The Coxes are so very smart They dearly love to tutor,
As soon as you take their fingers off The blasted home computer.
The Coxes are so very nice They have such great big smiles.
Their gentle voices can be heard For many, many miles.
(I think this is a reference to E. P. Mills, who would call the family to dinner and the entire town heard.)