Histories of M E Cox Whiting, Families, and Children

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Autobiography of Mary Elizabeth Cox Whiting

  1. Growing Up
  2. The Great Move to Salt Lake
  3. Springville and Arizona
Edwin Whiting History
  1. Background
  2. Utah
  3. Testimony of Joseph Smith Special

"Planting Seeds of Faith"

The life of Edwin Whiting, his five wives and their posterity
A 55 minute video documentary

Find it at the Whiting Homestead site

5 Edwin Whiting
+Mary Elizabeth Cox Whiting
   6 Albert Milton Whiting
      7 Harriet Lucinda Or Hattie Whiting
         8 Marie Jenson /Harold J Whiting
         8 Nelda Jenson /Legrand Carlson
      7 Albert Milton Whiting
         8 Dr Quinn Whiting /Reta Ercanbrack
      7 Oscar Whiting
         8 G Juan Whiting
      7 Catherine (Kathryn) Whiting
         8 Lucille Richards /Jack Pressett
            9 Sandra Del Andrae /Teddy Leslie
                10John T Leslie /Crystal Hooper
      7 Lorna Whiting /Howard Tibbets
   6 Harriet Lucinda Whiting Curtis
      7 Ruth Curtis
         8 Youngs McGregor/Irene Cooper
            9 Mark McGregor /Janice Jenson
   6 Charles Whiting
   + Anna Eliza Jacobson Whiting
      7 John Lucius Whiting
      7 Iris Esther Whiting /George Brown
         8 Beverly Brown /Lovell Killpack Jr
            9 Peggy Killpack /Terry Rice
      7 William Verland Whiting
      7 Mary Estelle Whiting /Marlin Jarman
   6 Philetus Edgar Whiting
   6 Edwin Marion Whiting
   6 Arthur Cox Whiting
   6 May Whiting
   6 John C Whiting
   6 Frederick Walter Whiting

Other families of Edwin Whiting

+ Elizabeth Tillotson Whiting
   6 William Whiting
   6 Olivia Whiting     (died young)
   6 Helen Amelia Whiting Buchanan
   6 Sarah Elizabeth Whiting Snow
   6 Lavina Whiting     (died young)
   6 Louisa Whiting     (died young)
   6 Emily Jane Whiting     (died young)
   6 Edwin Lucius Whiting
   6 Oscar Newell Whiting
   6 Louisa Melitiah Whiting Johnson
   6 Caroline Fidelia Whiting Bromley

+ Almira Mehitable Meacham Whiting
   6 Edward Lucian Whiting
   6 Ellen Emeret Whiting Deal
   6 Catherine Emeline Whiting Bresslen
   6 Cornelia Dolly Whiting Perry
   6 Elisha Franklin Whiting
   6 Edwin Lafayette Henry Whiting
   6 Sylvia Almira Whiting Barton

+ Hannah Haines Brown Bristol Whiting
   6 Abby Ann Whiting Bird
   6 Lorenzo Snow Whiting
   6 Melvin Whiting     (died young)
   6 Alvin Whiting     (died young)
   6 Francis Elmer Whiting     (died young)

+ Mary Ann Washburn Whiting
   6 Daniel Abraham Whiting
   6 Monroe Frink Whiting