Genealogy to Adam

Here is the Genealogy to Adam.

Someone asked where the rest of our genealogy was, so I decided I might as well include it. The Family Tree goes back a little beyond Bridget Drury, and this one starts with her. I do not include it with the Family Tree because there is so much speculation in this one. The Church says that genealogy can be proven back to Charlemagne, but not much beyond. I have heard that the kings had to prove they were descended from biblical kings to verify their divine right to rule. The Royal Genealogist would be given the job to prove that idea, even if it were not true, so we have no idea at this time what really went on 2000 years ago. But I find it interesting.

Some of the interesting people I find here are Odin, the Norse God, who lived in Aasgaard, and his ancestor, Priam, King of Troy. Odin had two lines of descent - one settled Germany, and became the Saxons who later settled England, the other became kings in Scandinavia, and as the Vikings they conquered Normandy in France. After while, William the Conqueror, of Norse extraction but now French, crossed the English Channel and conquered his cousins, the Saxons.

Charlemagne headed the Holy Roman Empire from his headquarters around Holland. Constantine was a descendant of King Coel of England, who was descended from Joseph of Arimithea, the uncle of Jesus Christ. Constantine's Mother was probably Christian, which presumably influenced him to make the Roman Empire Christian.

Zedekiah, king of Judah, had a daughter who married the king of Ireland, and that line of kings can be found here.

Information has been taken from the Bible, the Book of Jasher, the Book of Jubilies, and various and sundry books and compilations, but none of it has been proved. The Church Medieval Unit, assigned to look into all people before 1500 AD, says that there are only about 150,000 people of record that lived before that date, and all have had their temple work completed that can have it done. So this is here to enjoy, but not to prove anything.

Note: the first part of the list of names will have given names, as many of this database have only first names. The list is a double list, with the first and last name in each group of 250 names. Find the name you want in between the two names.