Directory of Histories

There is room for histories here. Beginning with the children of Jonathan Upham Cox and their wives, the histories of the grand children and great grandchildren can also be put here. Also histories put in the notes on the Family Tree are linked to names in the families here.

Note on Cox Family Bulletin publications.
In 1957 O C Day published the Orville S Cox Genealogy Bulletin, containing descendants of Orville interspersed with historical vignettes. (The descendants are here in the Family Tree link, but I note some of the vignettes need to be printed here.)
The next year he published Elvira Mills Cox history as Cox Bulletin 2. This is found here under Elvira in the O S Cox Family Histories
I think he published Early Manti the next year, 1959, but no name, date or publisher are noted on the pamphlet. This is published in the Interesting Things link.

In 1961 I began publishing the Cox Family Bulletin, not realizing what O C Day had published. He and I worked together to get the years of research he had done printed and distributed. It was about that time that the Church requested 4 generations of family group sheets. I printed the family group sheets of Orville and all his children over about 8 years. I included histories of Orville, his wives and his children (a couple of histories could not be obtained) on the backs of these sheets. If you look at the collection of Family Group Sheets in the church archives now, you will find many identical copies of Orville's family groups filed together, each with a different submitter's name.

I also printed pedigree charts, including 2 lines back to Adam, and family group sheets for many generations of our ancestors. O C Day included research notes on many of those sheets, which are now in the notes in Family Tree.

The stories I printed in those Cox Family Bulletins are now on this web site. The genealogy, including birth and death notices from those bulletins are in the Family Tree part of the web site.

Here are some family histories I am aware of. Please help me to complete my list.

Before & After Mt Pisgah
Cox, Hulet, Losee, Morley, Tuttle, Winget, Whiting & Related Families
By Clare B. Christensen
Published Salt Lake City, 1979

This history follows the above families from their early beginnings in New England, through their conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and into Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and across the plains to Utah. It also tells of their beginnings and expansion throughout many locations in the west.

Edwin Whiting and his family
Compiled by Marie Jensen Whiting and Marcus L. Smith, co-contributors
Published Springville, Utah, 1999

A story of the life of Edwin Whiting and his families

The Story of Edwin Marion Whiting and Anna Maria Isaacson
By Annette W. Farr
Published by J. Grant Stevenson, Provo, Utah, 1969

Annette compiled a lot of stories of that couple and their families. Would someone provide stories for this site?

Heartbeats of Colonia Diaz
By Annie R. Johnson
Published in Mesa, Arizona, 1972

Charles Edmund Richardson, Man of Destiny
By Annie R. Johnson
Annie is a Richardson, and their branch of the family lived in Colonia Diaz for several years

Denmark to Manti : History of William Anderson and his family
On line at:
Two of William Anderson's children married F W Cox children.

After the Manner of Happiness
By Maxwell Bruce Cox and Ruth Jorgensen Cox
Published by Cox Printing, Mesa, Arizona, 1990
Max and Ruth dictated their life stories before they died.
A history of this couple will make a good addition to the histories page. Who will write it?

Our Black Family in America
By Chester A. Black
Published in the 1960's.
Many of the family of Theressa Cox Black are in this book.