Histories of O S Cox, Wives and Children

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Orville Sutherland Cox history

  1. Apprentice
  2. Frontier
  3. Heading West
  4. Over the Mountains
  5. Manti
  6. Southern Utah
  7. Family Divided, Orderville
Sessions Settlement First stop in Utah, 1847
The Big Plow
Orville Sutherland Cox Journal extracts

5 Orville Sutherland Cox grave, P
+Elvira Pamela Mills Cox   grave
   6 Robert Frederick Cox   (died young)
   6 Adelia Belinda Cox Sidwell
   6 Almer Bingley Cox  P
      7 Sarah Ellen Cox / Charles F Gardner
         8 Ruth Gardner /Clarence Adair, Alma Palmer
         8 Ruby Gardner / Fred Roundy
      7 Chelnitia Cox / Edward Wheeler, Eugene Ritter
   6 Orville Mills Cox; another story, Orville's nikki
      7 Roy Burns Cox / Louisa Kelsey   P
   6 Delaun Mills Cox
      7 Susan Cox / George Benjamin Wilson
B. Vere Wilson /Lola Manwaring
   6 Walter Cox Fairview home,The Big Cox Swing
Modernized Big Swing
   +   Nancy Irene Sanders Cox, history by a niece
   +   Nancy Irene Sanders Cox, history by family
   6 Shadrack Watson
      7 Amanda Irene Cox /Charles Watson
      7 Franklin Sanders Cox
         8 Ver Cox/Velma Arrington
            9 James Cox /Camille Bastian
               10 Randy J Cox /Cheryl Guymon
   6 Philemon Cox     (died young)
   6 Sylvester Hulet Cox     (died young)
   6 Tryphena Marie Cox Sidwell
   6 Amasa Bernard Cox  P
Elvira Euphrasia Cox Day
   Other Elvira Euphrasia Cox Day and family histories

+Mary Elizabeth Allen Cox  P
   6 Philena Cox Esplin
   6 Amos Cox / Grace Ellen Chestnut  P
   6 Allen Cox
   6 Theressa Elnora Cox Black
      7 Lois Elnora Black Wright
   6 Theodore Cox
   6 Lucy Elizabeth Cox     (died young)
   6 Viola Cox     (died young)
   6 Eleanor Cox Payne     No history available
   6 Arthur Cox      No history available

5 Isaac & Sarah Losee
+Eliza Jane Losee Cox
   6 Lucinda Adeline Cox      (died young)
   6 Sarah Jane Cox     (died young)
   6 Almira Miranda Cox Hatch
   6 Phoebe Ann Cox Stewart
   6 Orlan 'L' Cox
   6 Lovisa Cox Johnson