Here I will list research and problems, with updates as I get them. If you are interested in working with any of these cousins, I can give you a contact place.


Mary Lewis lived with our ancestors until 1835, in Clay county, Missouri. During that time her children and g'children would surely have heard from her her birth date and place, so even though the vital records on her seem to be not available or non-existent, we do have some information to go on.

Other information can be found under Hulet Ancestors.
Carl Cox

R Duane Dalley, a cousin descended from Sylvanus Cyrus Hulet, has been trying to find information about Sylvanus and Mary. He wrote:

Sylvanus Hulet was born 7 Nov 1758, Killingly, Windham, Connecticut. His parents, John Hulet and Sarah Searles, moved from Killingly to Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts, about 1763. This would make Sylvanus about 5 years of age at the time he arrived in Lee.

Military service in the Revolutionary War
He had three periods of military service:
(1) Pay Roll for 6 months, was raised by the town of Tyringham for service in the Continental Army during 1780; marched to camp July 19, 1780; discharged 16 Jan 1781; Service 6 months 1 day including travel of 80 miles to his home. Part of the men raised by the town of Tyringham (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution, Vol. 7);
(2) (From Vol. 8) Description of Sylvanus Hulet, age 20 years, 5 ft 10 in, dark complexion; engaged for the Town of Tyringham; entered service 10 July 1779; discharged 10 April 1780; Private, Lt. Col. Jackson’s Co., Col. John Ashley Regiment,
(3) Enlisted Oct. 15, 1781; discharged October 1781, service 12 days including 48? (probably 84) miles travel home. Company marched from Berkshire County under command of Lt. Col. Collar by order of Col. John Ashley, Jr. On alarm at Northward. Roll dated Tyrington.

Sylvanus and Mary Hulet had 4 children as entered in the Vital Records of Lee, Massachusetts to 1850.
John Hulett & Sarah or Hannah, his wife, together with Sam Hulett & Susanna his wife (both brothers of Sylvanus) had children born in Lee.
Sylvanus Hulet's family moved to Portage County, Ohio, following the Revolutionary War, probably taking advantage of land offered to Revolutionary War soldiers from Massachusetts.
While in Ohio, he applied a claim for a pension for his service. Claim number S 41672. The date and place of his birth and the names of his parents are not shown.

Sylvanus Hulet enlisted in Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts July 7, 1779, served as a private in Captain Abraham Williams' company in Colonel Sprout's Massachusetts Regiment and was dischaged April 10, 1780. He also served six moths in 1780. Officers' names are not stated.
He was allowed a pension as his application was executed June 14, 1819, at which time he was sixty years of age and was living in Nelson, Portage County, Ohio.

From Ohio Pension Record 17,530
Sylvanus Hulet (r) of Portage Co. in the state of Ohio, who was a private in he regiments commanded by Colonel Sproat of the Massachtts line, for the term of nine months. Inscribed in the Roll of Ohio at the rate of 8 Dollars per month, to commence on 14 June 1819. Certificate of Pension issued the 15 of June 1820 and sent to Elias Harman, Judge, Ravenna, Ohio. Arrears to 4th March 1820 $69.56; Semi-anl. all'se ending 11 Sept 1820 $47.00; Total $117.56 8 mo $17/30 & 4/31
Revolutionary Claim Act 18th March 1818.

In 1820 he referred to his wife, May, aged fifty-seven years, and to the following children: Charlotte, age twenty-seven years, Sylvester, aged twenty years, Francis aged seventeen years, and Mary aged fifteen years. In 1819, one John Hulet of Brunswich, Medina County Ohio, stated he had been acquainted with the soldier from His (the soldier's) youth, relationship not shown.

Research documentation is needed for Mary Lewis, wife of Sylvanus Hulet. Does anyone have any reference where her surname came from? It has certainly been assumed as correct since it has been used for so many years. We do know that she was born about 1763 based that she was 57 years of age in 1820 when this data was given in connection with the Revolutionary War pension of Sylvanus. Family information indicates that she was born 3 Apr 1763 in Lee , Berkshire, Massachusetts. Where did this date come from?

Her name is not found in the Vital Records of Lee, Massachusetts, to 1850. The only references to Mary which are given in the Lee Vital Records is that Mary is listed as the wife of Sylvanus at the birth of each of his four oldest children. Also concerning her parentage, where is the name of Francis Lewis found as being her father? In the Grantor and Grantee Index of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, there are several Lewis's listed here but not a Francis Lewis.
There are 2 deeds listed for Eldad Lewis in Lee. Other Lewis' are listed in the towns of Lenox, Williamstown, Gagsboro, Tyringham, Windsor, Richmond, Sheffiled, Washington, Pettsford, and W. Stockbridge. The earliest deed granted to a Lewis is to Ethan Lewis in 1761.
Sims Lewis, Thos. Lewis, and John Lewis, Jr. are listed with 25 other individual as voting for taxes in Lee in 1771-1774.
In 1796, Eldad Lewis ran for the position of county register for Middle District. He got 3 votes.

Then where was Mary born? Is she indeed the daughter of Francis Lewis? Where did he live? Is there any indication regarding the marriage or intention to marriage for Sylvanus Hulet and Mary. I would appreciate any assistance that might be available in the documentation regarding Mary, the wife of Sylvanus Hulet. I believe that we need to step back and give a careful scrutiny of our ancestor Mary ________..

Duane Dalley

Ardell J. Koyle, a descendant of Sylvanus Hulet and Mary Lewis wrote:
What do we need to do to get our information to you and what else have you found out about Running Deer? I am wondering if she could be of another tribe than the Mohawk perhaps the Mahican which were in the same area at the same time and the woman married the colonists when there men were killed off in the wars. I wonder if lack of knowledge about the differences in the tribal name could have caused a miss interpretation of the tribe she was from.

ROBERT COX, our first ancestor

My name is Coleen Cox Winward (full name Coleen Midgley Cox Winward)) and I have been researching the "Cox" name for years, as my time would permit. I and others like myself have not had much success in finding information for Robert Cox's parents. Robert (born 1655 in Marblehead, Massachusetts).

Apparently most of the family feels/knows that James Cox (born 1629 at Marblehead, Massachusetts) is Robert's father. To my knowledge there has been no information forthcoming as to Robert's mother/James' wife until recently when I found an Ann Ravel (born 1633 at Marblehead, Massachusetts) on a 'link' on "Ancestry".


Lucinda Blood died in Ohio. By this time some of her family had joined the LDS church. Although it was several years before genealogy became an important part of church doctrine, I feel her children would have known from her when and where she was born, and something about her parents. It seems that vital records of her are sparse, so we may have to rely on the family information. Carl Cox

I have been trying to find information, stories, etc. about ancestors that help to make them "real", beyond just birth, marriage and death records. There is a lot of information in the file that has no source listed and I have been trying to provide reliable sources (preferably primary sources) to attach to files. At the same time, I try to research ends of lines to see if I can find any additional information or clues to extend the line further. From Marie Israelsen.

She found information on Caleb Blood III - see his notes.

Here is collected information on the Blood genealogy from O C Day and other sources. There is other information in the notes of the Blood ancestors in Family Tree.


Andrew Alger, our ancestor, lived in the 1600s. His wife, Agnes, was born 1620, died 1634. Their daughter, Joanna, was born 1657. Their marriage date is listed as 1634, the same time she is presumed to have died. The original research from O C Day has no death date for Agnes, and Joanna was listed a little earlier in the family. Will anyone tackle this problem?

From information relayed to me by Marie Israelsen the above is not a problem. Agnes survived Andrew, and probated his will in Salem, Mass, in 1676