FHL # 929.273 B6232hr (Now 929.273 B623hr )

(Not all of this material corresponds to the family group records & documentation found).

RICHARD BLOOD: In New England by 1642, in Lynn, MA, before 1648 and an original proprietor of Groton, MA.
Born: about 1617 (deposed 2 March 1660 age about 43).
Died: 7 Dec 1683, Groton, MA, intestate (deeded his lands to his sons shortly before his death). Administration of estate granted to his widow & 3 sons, JAMES, Joseph, & Nathaniel 1 Apr 1684. Widow gave bond 8 Jul 1684 with Joseph Parker & Zachariah Ferris as sureties.

Married: (prior to 25 Nov 1642, when mentioned in will of Henry Wilkinson of Nottingham, England) Isabel. As a cousin (probably niece) of Henry Wilkinson her own name may or may not have been Wilkinson. The date of her death is not known, however, her son-in-law Joseph Parker, in 1705 petitioned for permission to sell her lands. In 1706 "In answer to the within petition. Resolved that all the lands which Richard Blood, late of Groton deceased died seized of lying in the said town be given & granted to Joseph Parker, the petitioner---in consideration of the charge that said Parker has been at in the maintenance of the within mentioned Isabel Blood for fourteen years last past. Provided that the said Parker give her also a neet & comfortable maintenance during her natural life & a decent funeral at her decease. Sent up for Concurrance 12 Jul 1706 in the House of Representatives. Read & Passed."


JOSEPH: Undoubtedly the eldest son. It is noted that 1662-1664 lands of James Parker adjoin those of Joseph Blood, 1664 lands of Thomas Tarbell Sr. adjoin medow of Joseph Blud, & 1664 the houselot & another lot of John Page adjoin lands of Joseph Blood, so he must have been of age by this time.


SARAH: Born June 1648 Lynn, MA. Alive 1711. Lived Charlestown, MA; Stratford, CT. Married 17 Nov 1673, Charlestown, Zachariah Ferris.
(In Joseph Parker's petition mentioned above he says Richard "left 3 sons & one daughter whom I married unto." It would seem that Joseph should have known there was another daughter. Ferris lived in Charlestown & moved to Stratford, CT in 1705 & removed from the scene probably made Joseph's purpose less complicated & hence was not mentioned. It will be noticed that in naming their children Zachariah & Sarah after honoring their own names named the third child Richard.)

NATHANIEL: Born Apr 1650, Lynn MA. Lived in Groton. He was alive on 8 Mar 1719/20 when fined 20/- or two hours in the stocks for not attending public worship, but considering his low condition & charge of family & being "a lame person" it is not more. Perhaps alive in 1723 when son still called Nathaniel Jr. Joseph Parker's petition of 1705 (previously stated) in telling that Richard had left three sons goes on to say "two of which sons dyed & left small children & the other, living being decriped & unable to manage his own affairs."
Married: 13 Jun 1670, Hannah "Anna" Parker dau of Capt. James & Elizabeth (Long), b. 5 Jan 1647, d. 14 Jan 1728 age 82.

MARY: Died 19 Apr 1662.

HANNAH: Born Mar 1663/64. Alive 19 Apr 1728 (deed).
(Vol 3:231 County Court Rec.). 18 Dec 1678 Richard Bloud of Grotton being bound over to this court to answer for letting his daughter Hannah escape, who was accused of haveing a Bastard, & making it away secretly, was ordered to pay costs. The constables Bills allowed them to be pd in money are as followeth. Concord Constable--twenty shillings. Grotton Constable--fortytwo shill.
Married: 19 Nov 1684 Joseph Parker Jr of Groton.

Born: Abt 1646.
Died: 13 Sep 1692, killed by Indians at Groton "by ye French or Indian enemy".
Married: (1) 7 Sep 1669, Groton, Elizabeth Longley dau of William & Joanna (Goffe), who died "Beginning of December 1676, Lynn, MA".
Married: (2) 20 Dec 1686, Watertown, MA, Abigail Kemp of Groton, dau of Samuel & Sarah (Foster). Born 27 Mar 1665. In 1695 Abigail had an illegitimate child & was joined with her Foster relatives in posting a bond of 50 shillings to secure the town of Andover from cost of maintenance of the child. Abigail was ordered to receive 10 stripes for her deed.

Children by 1st wife:
RICHARD b. 29 May 1670, d. 8 Jul 1670.
MARY b. 1 Sep 1672, d. 4 Mar 1756 age 83, widow for 47 years.
Married: abt 1690 John Shatttuck, son of John & Ruth (Whitney).
ELIZABETH b. 27 Apr 1675, twin, d. 20 Oct 1759, age 84. Her estate mostly inherited lands of the Bloods & Longleys.
Married: Abt 1695 Samuel Shattuck, son of John & Ruth (Whitney).
HANNAH b. 27 Apr 1675, twin, died 6 Jan 1675/6.

Children by 2nd wife (OUR LINE):
JAMES b. 12 Aug 1687
JOHN (OUR LINE): b. 16 Mar 1689.
MARTHA b. 20 Oct 1692.

Lived in the northern part of Groton.
Born: 16 Mar 1689.
Died 23 Aug 1758 in his 70th yr.
Married 13 Jul 1712 Joanna Nutting dau of James & Lydia (Longley) of Chelmsford. Joanna born 21 Feb 1690/1. William Nutting's diary: "Monday ye 9th (Sep 1782), widow Joanna Blood buried. John & Joanna were both admitted to Church at Groton 8 Nov 1724.

JOHN b. 18 Feb 1713/14.
ELIZABETH b. 19 Mar 1715/16, d. 12 Jan 1799.
Married 25 Nov 1735 Ebenezer Proctor of Dunstable son of Gershom.
DAVID b. 28 Sep 1718.
LYDIA b. 28 Sep 1720. Lived in Pepperell, MA.
Married 29 Aug 1738 Nehemiah Jewett son of Joseph.
WILLIAM (OUR LINE) b. 9 Dec 1722.
MOSES b. 25 Nov 1724.
JOANNA (Johanna or Hannah) b. 7 Jul 1727. Lived in Groton, Princeton, & Winchendon.
Married: 8 Feb 1753 Timothy Darling of Luneburg, son of John & Lois (Gowing). Timothy was a Revolutionary soldier.
OLIVER b. 9 Jul 1729
CALEB born 23 Nov 1734, bp 15 Dec 1734.

WILLIAM BLOOD (OUR LINE) b. 9 Dec 1722, of Pepperell. Died Mason NH 2 Apr 1803.
Married: 5 Jan 1747/8 Lucy Fletcher at Pepperell (West Parish, Groton), dau of Jonas & Elizabeth (Robbins) (contrary to Fletcher Genealogy). Lucy born 22 Apr 1727, Chelmsford, MA. Died 26 Mar 1802, Mason, NH, "wife of William Blood".

WILLIAM b. 14 Sep 1748. Lived Townsend & Pepperell, MA. (It is said that he married 1st Azubah Shattuck dau of Zaccheus & Azubah (Chamberlain) of Pepp & had no children by this marriage, but there are no supporting records to verify this marriage if it did occur.)
Married: 28 Oct 1776, Townsend (both of Townsend), Abigail Holt dau of Daniel & Mehitable of Luneburg & Townsend.
LUCY b. 13 Jul 1750.
BETTY died 3 Jun 1753 age 1 mo.
JONAS b. 26 Sep 1754, d. 1 Feb 1825. Lived in Groton, yeoman.
Revolutionary service was at Governor's Island, NY, in company with Ebenezer Lewis whose widow he married.
Married 10 Jan 1776, Shirley, MA, Sarah (Bennett) Lewis, dau of Moses.
CALEB III (OUR LINE) b. abt 1756
AMOS b. 16 Oct 1757, d. 19 Dec 1840, Mason, NH. Revolutionary Service, pensioner.
Married his cousin Sarah Blood in Townsend, MA 12 May 1785.
HANNAH b. 31 Mar 1762
JOSEPH b. abt 1764; d. 5 Jul 1850, age 86. He & his brother Amos are buried in the cemetery in Mason, NH, on the road leading to Brookline, NH.
Married: Lydia Wood
LYDIA b. 8 Apr 1768; d. 5 Jul 1819, age 51.
Married 8 Jul 1794, John Russell, Jr.

CALEB BLOOD III b. Abt 1756-60.

Caleb is placed here by circumstantial evidence only. Caleb 3rd & Caleb Jr. have been continually confused with each other. Caleb Jr. was a pensioner in 1818 at which time his age is given as "upwards of 62", he again deposed on pension papers in 1820 aged 64 "that he had no family except his wife Molly aged 54 years". He died in 1828 the administration papers stating he "leaving no children." He is also accountable in the Census of 1790 in his father's family.

In a deed dated 14 Mar 1791 Elijah Dodge conveys to Caleb Blood tertius (3rd) of Groton 40 acres in Townsend. On 25 Mar 1793 Caleb Blood of Townsend with wife Hepzibah convey 20 acres of the same property (which is bounded on the road which leads from Townsend to Mason). 14 May 1799 Hepzibah, "singlewoman", late wife of Caleb Blood of Townsend" gives up her dower rights in land which was taken as execution of a judgment against "my late husband Caleb Blood." This judgment was dated 7 Dec 1796 & executed 10 Jan 1797, so Caleb died between the latter date & 14 May 1799.

The only likely parentage would seem to be William & Lucy who are known to have unrecorded children, had connections with Townsend & over the state border into Mason, NH. William's brother was named Caleb so the name is a logical one in his family.

Married: 22 Mar 1781, Townsend, MA, Hepzibah Jewett, dau of Benjamin & Sarah Flagg of Pepperell.

A daughter by this marriage, Lucinda, married in 1807 Jonathan Upham Cox & soon after removed to New York state. In 1834 Lucinda Blood Cox was baptized a Mormon in Nelson, Portage Co., Ohio. In 1839 Baptism for the Dead was established by the Mormons based on I Corinthians 15:29 & genealogical work became a sacred religious duty to the sect. Lucinda had died the previous year, but her children remembered the names of her sisters & brothers, & her parents, but not their dates of birth, etc. These have been recorded nowhere else & are as follows: Lucinda, Charles, Benjamin, Clarissa, Wealthy & Amelia.


Letter from O.C. Day, June 1966:
Peperell vital records were burned. Vital records of Groton, Pepperell, & Shirley, MA, state plainly that Hepzibah Jewett married Caleb Blood 3rd, & not Caleb Blood, Jr. Every indication is that Caleb Blood 3rd was son of William Blood & Lucy Fletcher. Pepperell records were burned; so we have only part of the children of William Blood & Lucy Fletcher. William & Caleb 3rd owned land just across the line from Pepperell & Groton (MA) in New Hampshire & lived there when part of their children were born.

Caleb Blood, Jr., was a soldier in the Revolution. The first indication we had that we were doing temple work for the wrong Caleb was when we found his application made about 1818 for a Revolution soldier's pension. In it he stated under oath, that the only family he had was his wife Polly--no children.

Lucinda Blood Cox was baptized a Mormon in 1834 in Nelson, Ohio. She died there in 1838. Both grandmothers, Hepzibah Jewett Blood & Judith Deland Cox lived with her; both were called "Mormons". Lucinda died 5 Dec 1838, not 25 Dec. Somebody said, "about Christmas".

Other statements made by O.C. Day:
1. Radio messages to us from the spirit world are called The Still Small Voice. In genealogy we hear it often.
2. With temple sealings, cousins are cousins for all eternity; but friends come & go.

Notes by O.C. Day on Cox family group records:
1. Family of Andrew Foster (born abt 1597) & Ann (b. abt 1617):
When widow Ann Foster was old & wrinkled, she was accused of witchcraft. She died in jail in Salem, Mass, 1693. The American people became so ashamed over the executions in Salem for witchcraft that never again was a woman executed for it.
I am proud of my seventh great grandmother, widow Ann Foster, who died in jail in Salem & helped to bring to America women's freedom from the charge of witchcraft. Without her & others, would Joseph Smith have been executed as a sorcerer?
Was she one of those chosen in the pre-existence to prepare the way so the Gospel could be restored?

2. Story
Time: The Pre-existence
Messenger: Our Father wants volunteers to prepare earth for the Gospel's restoration.
Response: But how can one earn Celestial Glory when the Gospel is not on earth?
Messenger: Those who will be your children have promised that they will do your Temple work, thus giving you the same chance that you will give them.

3. Goff, Goffe Family Genealogy, compiled by Thomas Theodore Goff, Whitewater, Wisconsin, abt 1940:
"A Thomas Goff, of London, England, was one of the owners of the Mayflower on her memorable voyage of 1620 & later voyages, & he later became first Deputy Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony."

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