1. The Pioneers Enter Sanpete Valley
  2. A Year of Privations
  3. The First Summer
  4. Health, Indians, Grist Mill
  5. Walker, the Crafty Indian Chief
  6. The Indians on the War Path
  7. The Indian Troubles Continue
  8. Novel Indian Move Gave Sanpete County Impetus
  9. Maniti's First Settlers

Names of Maniti's First Settlers

Isaac Morley (12 children)
Lucy Gunn, 1st Wife
Hannah Blaxley Finch, 2nd Wife
Lenora Snow, 3rd Wife
Harriet Cox, 4th Wife (died early)
Of his children only Lucy and Isaac came to Manti in 1849, Nov. 19.
Cordelia came in 1852 and Simeon was born here.

Nelson Higgins (2 children)
Nancy Marybah Bemis, Wife. Nelson W., Joseph H., children.

Seth Taft
Harriet Ogden, Wife.

Demick B. Huntington (2 children)
Fanny Maria Allen, Wife. Clark, Lot M., children.

John Lowry Sr. (7 children)
Mary Wilcox, Wife. James H., John, Abner, Mary Susan, George, Sarah, children.

James Polly Brown (3 children)
Eunice Reasor, Wife. Newman, Robert, Sarah Jane, Mary Ann, children.

Joseph S. Allen (4 children)
Lucy Morley, Wife. Lucy, Isaac, Mary, Caroline, children.

M. D. Hamilton (3 children)
Chelnicia Smith, Wife. Chelnicia, Jerusha, Lucy Ann, children.

William B. Richey (2 children)
Margaret Adair, Wife. William, James, children.

Harrison Fugate
Nancy Shoemaker, Wife.

Barney Ward. Indian interpreter and guide.
Indian girl, Wife.

Isaac Bemis (4 children)
Almira Taylor, Wife. Andrew, Almira, Nancy, Maria, children.

William Mendenhall (8 children, 4 or 5 probably born after 1849)
Sarah Lovell, Wife. Mary, Frances, Thomas, Abraham, Richard,John, Sarah, Hannah, children.

Edwin Whiting (7 children)
Elizabeth Tillotsen, 1st Wife. Amelia, William, Sarah, Lucion. (Oscar, Louisa born after 1849)
Mary Cox, 2nd Wife. Albert, child.

Charles Shumway (2 children)
Julia Ann Becker, Wife. Andrew, Mary, children.

Isaac Cass (1 child)
…………………………Wife. Solomon, child.

Titus Billings (4 children)
Diantha Morley. Alfred, George, Diantha, Eunice, children.

George W. Bradley (7 children) (3 or 4 probably born after 1849)
Elizabeth Krell, Wife. Amanda, Abriah, Jerome, Louisa, George, Melinda, Marvin.

Albert Petty 8 children) 4 or 5 probably born after 1849)
Catherine . . . ., Wife. Sarah, Lydia, John, Heber, Catherine, Mary, Joseph, children.

Orville S. Cox (3 children)
Elvira Mills, Wife. Adelia, Almer, Orville (Delaun, 2nd boy bornin Manti, 1st who lived to manhood)

Albert Smith (5 children)
Esther Dutcher, Wife. Asariah, Emily, Candice, Joseph, Esther, children.

Azariah Smith
Carmilla Augusta Taylor, Wife.

Jezereel Shoemaker (4 children)
Nancy Golden, Wife. Sally, Jerusha, Sarah, Ezra, children.

Cyreneus Henry Taylor (1 child, born after Nov. 19, 1849)
Emily Smith, Wife. Almon Cyreneus (lst male child born in Manti.Died young)

Abraham Washburn (3 children)
Tamer . . . . , 1st Wife, Mary Ann, Emma Jane, children.
Flora Clarinda Gleason, 2nd Wife. Huetta (former husband) Alimeda (lst child born in Manti)

Daniel B. Funk (3 children)
Maria DeMill, Wife. Ezra, William, Daniel, children.

John Darwin Chase (2 children)
Almira Higgins, Wife. Clarinda, Almira, children.

William Potter
Sarah Ann Whiting, Wife.

John E. Warner. (Killed by Indians)
Eunice Billings, Wife.

Men, of whom the wives and children's names were not available:

Sylvester Hulet
Sylvester Wilcox
William Tubbs
Gardner Potter
John Carter
James Lawson
John Heart
Riley G. Clark
John Baker
Edsel Elmer and Son, Edsel Elmer
John Elmer
John Butterfield
Seth Dodge
Gus Dodge
John Cable
John Urjiate
W. H. Parshall
Gad Yale
Philip Klingensmith
Amos Gustin
Edwin Everett

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