Statement of Daisie Stout Richardson

Daisie Stout, daughter of David Fisk Stout and Henrietta Cox Stout, was born August 23, 1884 in Rockville, Utah. She was married March 12, 1904 at Manti, Utah to Charles Edmund Richardson, son of Edmund Richardson and Mary Darrow Richardson, who was born October 13, 1858. He died August 7, 1925 in Thatcher, Arizona.

On August 18, 1949 Daisie Stout Richardson had the following statement notarized in Logan, Utah:

"Because my son, David Anthony Richardson, has requested it I hereby write the following: I was born August 23, 1884 in Rockville, Washington County, Utah. My father was David Fisk Stout, son of Allen Joseph Stout and Amanda Melvina Fisk Stout. My mother was Henrietta Cox Stout, daughter of Isaiah Cox and Henrietta Janes Cox, all of whom I remember. In 1901 I moved to old Mexico with my parents where I met and later married Charles Edmund Richardson. However, prior to our marriage, he knowing that my mother was a Cox and wishing to avoid intermarriage with a relative, informed me that his real blood lineal father was Frederick Walter Cox of Manti, Utah. We proceeded to trace our Cox ancestries back to determine relationship, if any, but found none. His grandfather Cox was Jonathan Upham Cox, son of Walter Cox, son of Matthew Cox, son of Robert Cox of Massachusetts. My line was Isaiah Cox, son of Jehu Cox, son of Thomas Cox, son of Solomon Cox, son of Solomon Cox [?] of North Carolina.

My husband, Charles Edmund Richardson told me, as he told his children, that his mother, Mary Darrow Richardson, bore two children by her first husband, Edmund Richardson. Immediately thereafter the latter was sterilized for religious reasons. [Some stupid church taught that a deacon or church officer should not father children at all--more than they already had, so he was castrated.--DAR.] Later on, Edmund and wife, Mary Darrow Richardson 'stumbled' into Salt Lake City and soon joined the Mormons. Large families being the order of the day, she told her plight to Brigham Young who arranged a divorce from Edmund and a marriage to Frederick Walter Cox. She bore him two children, one of whom became my husband, but the children used the surname Richardson for her first husband was still alive. Due to persecution the Cox fatherhood of my husband and his brother was kept from everyone except my husband's own immediate family. Many of his children know it from him, but so my posterity may know from me the truth of their ancestry, I shall sign before a notary public.

/S/ Daisie Stout Richardson"