Frederick Walter Cox Jr.

LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Andrew Jenson, Vol. 2, p.564

Frederick Walter Cox, jun., one of the presidents of the 48th quorum of Seventy and a resident of Manti, Sanpete county, Utah, was born Nov. 6, 1836, at Windham, Portage county, Ohio, the son of Frederick W. Cox and Emeline Whiting. He was baptized in November, 1844, by his father, in the White Oak branch (about 20 miles south of Nauvoo). Together with his parents he passed through the Missouri and Illinois persecutions, and at the time of the exodus in 1846 located temporarily at Mt. Pisgah, Iowa.

The family came to Utah in 1852 and soon afterwards settled at Manti, where Frederick engaged in farming, timbering, etc. He was ordained a Seventy in the fifties, and later became one of the presidents of the 48th quorum of Seventy, which position he held until he was ordained a High Priest. In 1862 he went back to the Missouri river after emigrants in John R. Murdok's Church train. In 1865 and following years he participated in the Black Hawk war, and in 1868 he made a visit to the White Pine country, Nevada.

At home Brother Cox has also served as city councilman and police officer. In 1857 (April 23rd) he married Lucy Allen (daughter of Joseph S. Allen and Lucy Morley), who was born in 1840, in the Morley settlement, Hancock county, Illinois, and emigrated to Utah in 1847. She was the mother of twelve children. In 1873 (March 3rd) Bro. Cox married Alvira Cooledge, who became the mother of five children.

Andrew Jenson, Church Chronology, October 24, 1891 (Saturday)
"In the First District Court, at Provo, Amasa Tucker, of Fairview, John Warwood, of Nephi, and Fred. W. Cox, of Manti, were each sentenced by Judge Blackburn to 20 days' imprisonment, for alleged adultery."

Andrew Jenson, Church Chronology, November 13, 1891 (Friday)
Amasa Tucker, John Warwood and Fred W. Cox were discharged from the Penitentiary.