Jemima Losee Cox

Jemima Losee Cox was of Quaker parentage and her whole life was influenced by their religious teachings and environment. She was of medium height with a round, full form. She had an unassuming dignity and a graceful and lovable simplicity that one could not help but admire and revere. Her hair was a beautiful dark brown with a smooth and regular wave. She had brown eyes and a smiling countenance. She had a quiet disposition and it was a miracle how everything slipped quietly and gently into place as she made every step count. She was neat and tidy in every stitch and turn. She had a self-sacrificing nature and befriended everyone in trouble or need. She was an ideal mother, a loving, devoted wife, and a real woman in every sense of the word; "a blessing in the sunshine and an anchor in the storm."

Aunt Cordelia says of her, "Your mother, Jemima Cox, was kind and devoted to her children. No one could say ought against her. She and I lived and ate together. We were driven from our home and husband in the dead of winter among strangers with no friends to come and visit us. We felt that we were alone with no one but God to rely upon. We put our trust in Him. When it was our bed time, we knelt down in humble prayer and asked God to take us into His care and keeping through the night."

"We had six little children under six years old without a father's care and protection. The finger of scorn was pointed at us. We bore it with patience looking forward to a time when we could live and enjoy the society of our husband and friends. Your mother bore the cares of life with patience. When she was sick, I was her nurse. When I was sick, she nursed me. She was born September 30, 1823 in Canada, Township of Zone, County of Kent. Girls, emulate her good works and prepare yourselves to meet her and dwell with her again."

"Oh woman, woman know thyself, and what thy mission too
Thou comest from thy Maker's hand a mighty work to do."