Lydia Margaret Losee Cox

Lydia Losee Cox like her sister had been a Quaker. Her parents had joined the Church in an early day and with the Saints were mobbed and driven until worn out with hardships her father died. Their home was burned. Orphaned and homeless the child was at the mercy of the people. When grown she was large and well developed person. Her hair and eyes were light brown. She was always trim and neat in personal appearance. Her home fairly shone. Although much younger than Jemima, she accepted the life as a plural wife and was true to her calling. A good wife and mother.

Though her family was considered small she was always busy, and she left nothing undone that could be done for their comfort or advancement. A crown surely awaits this dear one for so heroically rearing the large family of another after she was widowed and alone.

Her second marriage to Joseph S. Snow was a happy and successful union.